Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a recommended time line for a beach wedding?
A. Based on the wedding party size and number of guest we would recommend 4 to 5 hours of photography. We would start one hour before the ceremony with getting ready photos. If you want to do a first look we like to start 1 1/2 -2 hours before ceremony. The typical ceremony last 30 minutes. Family and wedding party images usually take 30-45 minutes depending on the number of adults and children. Our favorite time is photographing the bride and groom in a special location away from the guest for about 15 minutes. This can occur after family photos or during the dinner when you can slip away and not be missed while the guest enjoy dinner. There will also be time to capture the cake cutting and some of the  reception / dancing. If you want more time for bouquet, garter toss and exit it can be decided on the wedding day as we only book one event per day.

Q. What is your policy when reserving wedding dates?
A. To be fair to all brides, my policy is I require a signed contract and retainer in order to reserve a specific date. All dates are considered open until the contract and retainer has been received. We will send you a contract and proposal that is available for two weeks.

Q.In the unlikely event Mary Basnight Photography is unable to photograph our wedding what are the options?  We would attempt to locate a substitute photographer of high qualifications, subject to the acceptance by client prior to the event, may be dispatched by Mary Basnight to fulfill the obligations of photography herein contracted. In such case that client declines Mary Basnight sending a substitute photographer, client may elect instead to terminate this agreement and receive a full refund of all retainers paid to Mary Basnight Photography.

Q. How do we book Mary Basnight Photography?
A. To reserve Mary Basnight Photography for your wedding, I require a signed contract and retainer fee of $500. This can be done online and the retainer can be paid by cc or PayPal.

Q. What is the payment schedule?
A. The final balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding date.

Q. What happens if we need to change our wedding date after we’ve booked?
A. You are welcome to change your wedding date after you’ve booked as long as there is availability. The retainer fee is non-refundable.

Q. Will you be our photographer on our wedding day?
A. I am the primary photographer at all events booked by Mary Basnight Photography.

Q. Is B&W as well as color photography coverage provided or is there an added expense for B&W coverage?
A. I include Color, B&W and, at times, Sepia images without an additional charge.

Q. How many weddings do you book per day?
A. I book one wedding per day.

Q. How much time is needed to photograph formals after the ceremony, before the reception?
A. A reasonable amount of time is 45 minutes. It will largely depend upon the number of family photos that are requested. My suggestion, you are working with available light so keep the list to a minimum. Include grandparents, parents, siblings, wedding party and bride & groom portraits. Once back at the reception, your photographer can then incorporate more of both families in a candid approach.

Q. Have you ever worked with the bride and groom prior to the ceremony?
A. Of the handful of times I’ve worked with the bride & groom being together prior to the ceremony, I have never had them regret their decision. In order to keep the tradition of the “groom seeing the bride for the first time” feeling, we create a romantic location for them to meet. This way, they really do get to be together to enjoy their moment.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. We use high end digital cameras by Canon.

Q. Do you have back-up equipment?
A. Yes.

Q. What has been your experience when working with wedding coordinators vs. friends of the family?
A. A wedding coordinator is invaluable to the success and smooth running of your wedding day. Friends of the family tend to drop their duties once the reception begins.As a minimum a day of coordinator is a great investment in yourself on your wedding day

Q. If hiring a wedding coordinator is not within the budget, what would you recommend?
A. Work directly with me for the best timing for your wedding day photography.

Q. Is there a travel fee for engagement or wedding photography?
A. We do charge a travel fee for areas not on the outer banks. The fee is based on distance, time and lodging.

Q. What is meant by combining documentary photography with traditional photography?
A. Traditional photography is largely posed shots with the family and expected shots such as the bride walking down the aisle, groom kissing bride at end of ceremony and so on. We provide that coverage in addition to documentary coverage.

Q. What is the best time of day for a beach wedding ceremony?
A. Consult with me before you set the ceremony time. Generally 2-3 hours before sunset will work but we like to consider location, wedding party size and number of guest in order to make the best decision.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Mary Basnight Photography.