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1-Weekday Collection: USB of images (Print + Web)

2-Classic Collection: Leather or Image Cover Album 10X10 with 100 images featured over 60 pages. USB Portfolio {print & web ready} + boxed set of your favorite 100 images printed 4x6 to keep.

3-THE WHOLE SHE-BANG: Leather or Image Cover Album 12X12 with 125 images featured over 50 thick pages, Two 10X10 Duplicate Parent Albums, Boxed set of 100 prints 4x6, Engagement Session with 10x10 book of images over 20 pages & USB of images

4-Intimate Collection: USB of images (Print + Web) with a maximum of 30 guest

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Terms and Agreements
This agreement, entered into is between Mary Basnight Photography, in the State of North Carolina, and the Bride & Groom (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) relating to their wedding

SERVICE COVERAGE: The parties agree that Mary Basnight Photography will furnish the services of a professional photographer. Mary Basnight Photography will begin photographic coverage at an agreed upon time. The retainer fee is $500.00. It is agreed that Mary Basnight will be the sole still photographer employed for the wedding day. Simultaneous photographic coverage by another contracted photographer shall release Mary Basnight from this agreement and the professional fee will be retained. In addition, we request that guests and professional videographers NOT take pictures of our set-up/posed shots, as doing so may delay the process and effect or ruin the outcome of your photographs. Due to the fact that weddings are uncontrolled events, we cannot guarantee any specific photograph or pose. We will, however, attempt to honor special requests.

PAYMENT POLICY & EXPENSES: A fee of $500.00 is retained herewith to reserve event coverage for the service specified above. This fee is nonrefundable, but may be re-applied (subject to availability) if the event is rescheduled. A final payment of the balance due will be paid by the Client no later than two weeks prior to the event, plus reimbursement of applicable airfare, hotel and transfer expenses incurred by Mary Basnight in performing the photographic duties expressed herein.

LIMITATION of LIABILITY: While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the wedding events, liability to the Client for claim, loss or injury arising from performance by Mary Basnight Photography is limited to a refund to Client of the amount paid for services. Because this is an uncontrolled event, Mary Basnight Photography cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested image(s). As mentioned above, if our services are canceled for any reason, the retainer paid to reserve the date is nonrefundable. In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of Mary Basnight Photography, a substitute photographer of high qualifications, subject to the acceptance by Client prior to the event, may be dispatched by Mary Basnight to fulfill the obligations of photography herein contracted. In such case that Client declines Mary Basnight sending a substitute photographer, Client may elect instead to terminate this agreement and receive a full refund of all retainers paid to Mary Basnight Photography.

FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAWS: Mary Basnight Photography owns all digital negatives and original photographs and is not part of any package. We retain the rights to reproduction of any images produced in connection with this agreement. Copying or reproduction of any photograph in any form is hereby prohibited and protected under Federal Copyright Laws, and enforced to the fullest extent allowable.

PROPRIETARY IMAGES: Although Mary Basnight Photography owns copyrights, digital negatives and, unless sold separately, all original photographs taken of the wedding events, any sale, reproduction, publication or exhibition of any image produced in connection with this agreement, regardless of the ownership of the actual photographs, is prohibited without the mutual consent of the parties to this agreement. Not withstanding the foregoing, the parties agree that Mary Basnight Photography may reproduce, publish or exhibit a judicious selection of such photographs as samples of photographic work to be shown to prospective clients, and for instructional or institutional purposes consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment.

EXCEPTION: Upon payment of the copyright fee, which is the total cost of your wedding photography, Mary Basnight Photography gives permission for our wedding clients in this agreement the right to print for friends, family and personal use from high resolution files they purchased in their wedding photography package. Clients may not sell digital files or prints in any form.