What to Expect



Congratulations on your engagement!

Below is a little bit of information about “What we do…”

At MBP, we provide all our clients with dual coverage on their wedding day. Mary Basnight will be their
primary photographer and Mac Basnight will be their secondary photographer. Working as a team, we
provide our clients with full coverage on their wedding day. They receive a complementary mix of images
taken from different angles and different viewpoints. The coverage style will provide the most amazing mix
of images.

Second, MBP provides creative wedding photography planning advice. When our clients want to know
the best time to set their ceremony, the best time to shoot the family photos and so on, we can creatively
provide our clients with options so they can make an informed decision on how they want their wedding
day to be. MBP will help structure where and when to take photos during the day so clients will not be
spending noticeable time away from guests.

Last, MBP will attend the ceremony rehearsal when possible. This is not a photo op. More importantly, this is
part of the planning that goes into how MBP will provide coverage on the wedding day. It is also an opportunity
for MBP to meet the most important members of both families and the wedding party, give last minute advice
if needed and to introduce ourselves to your family. We want them to feel comfortable asking of us anything come
the day of the wedding.

We also include the high resolution files with our “Classic collection” packages which will allow you to have full control of your wedding
images to have them printed wherever you wish or to create books and web based presentations.

Please email mary@marybasnight.com or call 252.473.3933 if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you.